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The purpose of this program is to inform interested persons, including employees, your company is committed to improve employees’ comfort and well-being by identifying and correcting ergonomic risk factors on the job.

This course is designed to help both the employer and the employee understand the benefits of following the General Guidelines of Ergonomic Program Standards.

A complete ergonomic program consists of the following six elements, which are discussed in detail in the Basic Program Lesson.

  • Management leadership and employee participation
  • Hazard identification and information
  • Job hazard analysis and control
  • Training
  • MSD Management
  • Ergonomic program evaluation

Depending on the types of jobs in the workplace and whether a musculoskeletal disorder covered by the standard has occurred. The proposed standard would require all general industry employers whose employees perform manufacturing or manual handling jobs to implement a basic ergonomics program in those jobs.

If an employee in a manufacturing or manual handling job experiences an OSHA-recordable MSD that is additionally determined by the employer to be covered by the proposed standard, the employer would be required to implement the full ergonomics program for that job and all other jobs in the establishment involving the same physical work activities.

The full program includes, in addition to the elements in the basic program listed above

A hazard analysis of the job. The implementation of engineering, work practice, or administrative controls to eliminate or substantially reduce the hazards identified in that job; training the employees in that job and their supervisors; and the provision of MSD management, including, where appropriate, temporary work restrictions and access to a health care provider or other professional if a covered MSD occurs. General industry employers whose employees work in jobs other than manual handling or manufacturing and experience an MSD that is determined by the employer to be covered by the standard would also be required by the proposed rule to implement an ergonomics program for those jobs.

Course Length: 1 Hour